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Alberta fiction, Nova Scotia 1920s/30s, Family stories, singing/songwriting, reincarnation plot, Native remedies, ceilidhs

If I Could Live Again
A heart wrenching, thought provoking novel that spans lifetimes
by C. Ingrid Deringer

Sometimes dreams do come true—but not in the way we expect.

Spanning three generations and nearly one hundred years, this is a heart-wrenching story about love, loss, family—both blood and the people you choose, spiritual connection, and a dream coming true in an unexpected way.

In 1925, Margaret, born with a gift for music, is growing up in an abusive and unloving home, caring for her younger siblings and working hard on their dairy farm in Nova Scotia. She aspires to be a successful singer/songwriter but as life moves along and she settles in Alberta, it becomes less and less likely that she will ever achieve her dream.

In 2015, as Sarah is going through her parents’ belongings after their unexpected deaths, she stumbles across a box of transcripts of stories she told them when she was a child. The tales take on a more personal meaning when she falls in love with Alex, and as she spends time with his family, begins to feel a spiritual bond to Margaret.

How are these two women connected?

If I Could Live Again will touch your heart and inspire you to never let go of your dreams.

Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, Ingrid Deringer has lived all over the country—from the east coast to the west coast, and everywhere in between. With a BA (Hon) in Psychology and MA in Women’s Studies, and a degree in Acupuncture, she has worked in the health and wellness field for over twenty-five years.

Like her main character, Margaret, Ingrid comes from a large family, and is the seventh of eight children. She is enjoying semi-retirement in Katepwa Beach, Saskatchewan, spending time with her grandchildren, and winters in warmer climates, writing to her heart’s content. She is also the author of Shall We Dance and Hailey Loves Dandelions, and is currently working on a second novel and another children’s book.


C. Ingrid Deringer
Claire Mulligan

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