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spiritualism, mysticism, poetry, subconscious, spirituality, meditation, witchcraft

The Influence
by Jacob Yerex

What lives in our second attention? Is it all a fabrication of our own mind or are there entities and forces that affect us from unknown realms? The influence is a poetic/visual exploration of things that can not easily be put into words. A book for all ages designed to encourage engagement with both the light and dark sides of our imagination. Pointing toward self reflection the book attempts to help us realize we can engage and separate ourselves from our thoughts and emotions. The inspiration for the book was several encounters with a rabbit that reminded me of a friends poem...

Jacob Yerex is a Toronto based artist working in a wide range of mediums, painting, sculpture, printing making, illustration, and worked as a scenic artist in film and television. The influence is a return to his love for sequential narrative and the interplay between words and images. More work can be seen at


Jacob Yerex

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