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  • A Witches' Canon Part 2

    The Adventure & Exploration of Coven Witchcraft by

    An Exploration of the Traditional Witchcraft Coven, its Organization and Rituals, including Initiations, Rites of Passage, Magical and Social practices. The truth is, “Old” Gerald B. Gardner had little interest in how the Traditional Witchcraft ...

  • The Influence


    What lives in our second attention? Is it all a fabrication of our own mind or are there entities and forces that affect us from unknown realms? The influence is a poetic/visual exploration of things that can not easily be put into words. A book for ...

  • A Witches' Canon

    Part 1. The Mystery and Symbolism of Celebratory Witchcraft by

    Traditional Witchcraft and an Exploration of Its Magical Techniques, Rites and Symbols. The truth is, Witchcraft never altogether went away. The old Witchcraft was driven deep into the shadows only to emerge again as a vibrant, nature-based ...