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Jamaican biographical fictional, Jamaican cultural heritage, Jamaican historical fiction, Jamaica Caribbean & West Indies history, Black and African literature, Black history and culture, personal memoir

Beyond Abuse
A biographical fiction of Marcella March, a sixth generation Jamaican whose adversities made her confident, self-reliant and emboldened.
by Fay Ferguson

Beyond Abuse is a biographical fiction novel centered on the journey of Marcella March, a biracial, sixth generation Jamaican growing up in the early 20th century. Due to a tragic ‘incident’ in Jamaica, Marcella is sent to Colombia, South America to live with extended family. After five painful years in Colombia, she returns to Jamaica only to find herself in drastically different circumstances. With several brothers fighting in the Second World War in England, and key family members being meanspirited, her curiosity piqued. This leads her to delve into the family’s complicated lineage to England. The revelation is astounding.

Marcella March’s lifelong quest for success is threatened by the blatant and subtle abuse that she faces. Will our heroine’s tormentors succeed in quelling her fiery determination?

Dive into the heart-wrenching story of Marcella’s desire to overcome adversity and rise above her family’s painful past, all while developing into the resilient young woman that she is destined to be.

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Inspired by her mother’s childhood anecdotes, the author combined these stories with an ancestry search alongside history to recapture the past in this fictionalized biography.

Fay Ferguson enjoys a number of creative pastimes including writing, drawing, painting, and sewing. She is also the author of two poetry books: Respectfully Yours, and Haiku (Imagery for Artists). Beyond Abuse is her first novel.

Fay resides in Ontario, Canada, and is closely connected with her daughter and grandchildren, mother, siblings, and extended family.


Fay Ferguson

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