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multiple POV, elemental magic, fight scenes, cyborg, fantasy world, cults, siblings

Seal-Binding Society
The Greatest Poverty
by Neville M. R. LeQuant

Five centuries ago, the elemental artform of seal-binding was introduced to a world once devastated by senseless conflict. Seal binders—those with the ability to bestow seals—used their powers to bring order to the continents of Armos and Omallia. These lands prospered under the watchful eyes of the seal binders, and with the help of seal wielders—those with the ability to harness the powers of seals—the laws of the Seal-Binding Society were guarded for the years to come.

Things changed, however, due to a sudden shift in the monarchy within the last 100 years. By order of a new king, the seal-binding practice was banned, and subsequently, it was decreed that the seal binders were to be executed on sight. With the widespread extermination of the seal binders came a radical increase in poverty everywhere across Armos and Omallia. In this world’s current eye, there is but one seal binder left, living in the capital city of Hitomi and serving—unwillingly—under the new royal family known as Ra. Can the integrity of the Seal-Binding Society be restored? Or will it completely deteriorate back to the ways of chaos and suffering?

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Neville M. R. LeQaunt is a first-time author with an avid interest in storytelling. Particularly attracted to fiction, Neville was inspired at a young age to someday bring his own imagined stories, worlds, and characters to the attention of readers, with hopes of building a dedicated following and motivating other aspiring writers to follow their dreams. Born in Newfoundland and Labrador, Neville was raised in the town of Deer Lake and spends most of his free time either enjoying the company of friends and family or writing for future publishing opportunities.


Neville M. R. LeQuant

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