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Personal memoirs, Canadian WWII training centres, WWII battles, British Columbia war years, Women in WWII, B.C. mental health support 1930s/40s, Type 1 diabetes in children

Dear Bill
Letters to Dad 1939 - 1945 The War Years
by Wendy Hamilton and Catherine Pavlik

Dear Bill is, in many ways, a time capsule that illuminates and brilliantly colours the years of 1939-1945 from a uniquely Canadian pioneer perspective. Bill Treadgold was a young man from Kelowna, BC commissioned into the RCAF; while his war efforts were confined to air forces bases in Western Canada, he was separated from his family and friends and maintained contact through letter writing. The letters he received in response to his own, form the rich memoir Dear Bill.

While Dear Bill is a memoir from the war years, and brings to life Allied operations in Europe through letters from buddies who were commissioned overseas, it is, arguably, more so a memoir of battles on the home front, and of the triumphs of an incredibly resilient family.

by: Shelagh Ryan McNee who discovered from reading these letters that her grandfather-in-law was Bill’s commanding officer at Pat Bay, B.C.

"What a unique opportunity to get to know my Dad, Alban Krasselt, as a young man during the war years. I loved to hear his voice as he tells his friend about his experiences in the army and overseas, both the good and the bad. The voices of the other letter writers let us in on how the world was changing quickly around them as well. What a wonderful read!"

—Bev Sperling


I just wanted to thank you so VERY much your “Dear Bill” compilation.

It was so very interesting reading the letters from my dad and his brother Phil and what they had to say about their travels and their experiences in the British and Canadian Air Forces. I cannot imagine how it must have been to be a 19 or 20 year old young man deciding to leave home, head out across the country and then across the Atlantic to enlist in the air force of another country to engage in a war conflict that your own country had not yet become involved. The sense of adventure and excitement for all of those young lads must have been something else.

What a gift!!"

—Brad Chapman

Wendy Hamilton

The third child of Bill and Irene Treadgold, Wendy loves making plans and having adventures.

Following in her Aunty Frances’ footsteps Wendy pursued a career in education, working as a classroom teacher (elementary and primary), Learning Support teacher, Special Education Coordinator /Case Manager, Counselor and coach (track and field, field hockey). During this 37-year span Wendy and her husband raised three delightful children in different B.C. locals where a lake, a ski hill, tennis courts and a golf course were always close at hand.

Currently residing in Balfour B.C. with beautiful views of Kootenay Lake and the Selkirk and Purcell Mountain Ranges, Wendy is living her retirement dream with her husband of 45 years – travelling, golfing, boating, skiing, gardening, socializing with friends, and grand-parenting their amazing 7 grandchildren.

Carpe diem!

This is Wendy’s first foray into book writing.

Catherine Pavlik

Cathie Pavlik, the fifth child of Bill and Irene Treadgold, was born and raised in a special time in Kelowna, B.C. Cathie was fortunate to be given a wide variety of learning opportunities which serve her well to this day. After attending Kelowna Secondary School and competing in many sports, she left her hometown as one of the first women to receive a full athletic scholarship (field hockey) at Washington State University, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education (Minors in Health and Business).

Following university, Cathie became a devoted teacher and coach at KLO Secondary/École KLO Middle School in Kelowna for 35 years. She advocated for individualized learning practices as well as developed and supported initiatives for healthy lifestyles in and outside the school. Cathie and her husband, Dave, also raised their two wonderful children, and when their kids went to university, Cathie obtained her Masters of Science in Education at the University of New England.

Now in retirement, Cathie enjoys spending time with her grandchild, friends and family, volunteering, taking courses, skiing, boating, travelling, gardening, and having that second cup of coffee at her leisure.

Cathie lives by the motto “work hard, have fun, be safe.”


Wendy Hamilton
Catherine Pavlik

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