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  • First We Were Soldiers

    The Long March To Perth by

    Between 1816 and 1819, more than 1,200 discharged British soldiers, from over 80 regiments of infantry, cavalry and artillery, the Royal Navy and miscellaneous support units were compensated for services to the Crown with settlement tickets for ...

  • Love in the Air

    Second World War Letters by

    Love in the Air tells the story of a love that blossoms when an ambitious farm girl from Saskatchewan and a charming musician from Ontario lock eyes one night during a wartime social. But duty soon calls, and with a ring sealing the promise of a ...

  • The Red Knight


    The Red Knight is the product of 25 years of meticulous research. It is, arguably, the most comprehensive account ever written about the Canadian Air Force’s legendary solo jet-aerobatics performer. An important part of Canadian aviation history, ...

  • The Making of a Tattoo

    Canadian Armed Forces Tattoo 1967 by

    A major theatrical production that was seen by almost three million Canadians. Broadcast twice by the Canadian Broadcasting Company on two occasions. The show took four years to research and develop. There were calls to tour the show through the ...

  • Bombs and Babies

    A War Bride's Diary by

    This book reproduces and expands upon the author’s mother’s diary that she kept from 1942 through 1945 while she lived in England. For most of that time she resided in eastern Surrey about 20 miles from the southern outskirts of London. As part of ...

  • Letters to Vimy


    Dear Uncle Oscar… I’m going to put a note on the back of our book to explain to readers what our correspondence inside is all about. It goes like this... A hundred years ago a German shell fell on Pte. Oscar French on Vimy Ridge and ended his ...

  • Bullets, Bombs, and Bayonets


    Bullets, Bombs, and Bayonets draws attention to a significant part of Canadian military history, a period in which almost an entire generation of young men never returned from the battlefields of Europe. In 2017 Canada commemorates the 100th year of ...

  • Training For Armageddon

    Niagara Camp in the Great War, 1914-1919 by

    Over the past 225 years the oak savannah at the mouth of the Niagara River -- designated as a Military Reserve but regarded by the local citizenry as their common lands-- has witnessed a broad spectrum of military, political and cultural happenings. ...

  • A Bastion of Empire

    A Story of Fort St. Joseph and the War of 1812 by

    In the late summer of 1809, Louis Cloutier, 18, is aboard the "Nancy," a schooner of the North West Fur Company, sailing from Fort Amherstburg on a journey of 400 miles, and heading for Fort St. Joseph, the furthest northern British outpost. This ...