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Chronic illness, Health, Recovery, Medical, Hope, Interpersonal, Free verse

From Light to Dark
by Eve Harlow

I remember walking slowly and growing tired easily. Those were the earliest signs that something was wrong. The answers came years later when I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and to break my heart even more, so was my sister. This story is the beginning; it captures the years I spent in survival mode, the years where I held my precious life in my tired hands, protecting it from storms that I couldn’t hide from. Writing became my escape, even if only temporary. These simple words became a light in a place where it didn’t exist. I hope after reading this you understand that it’s okay to feel your pain. It’s okay if you have to go through the darkness a thousands times, it’s okay if you take a thousand tumbles, but I hope you always find the courage to look for the light, even if you’re afraid it’s hiding somewhere you’ll never find.

Eve Harlow gathered this poetry collection from a decade of writing created as she went through one of the most difficult times in her life. Both her and her sister were diagnosed with the same potentially fatal illness, and it cast a long shadow over the future. The book From Light to Dark explores the painful times, but also the hope that can be found even in the most difficult moments.

Harlow lives in Kelowna, B.C., Canada.


Eve Harlow

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