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Target Audience:
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I Love Snowflakes
by A.B. Shyama

What if your children never give up until they reach their goals?

Tara is so excited to see snow for the first time. She wants to make her own snowflake. But what shape is a snowflake?

During her natural, self-directed, and spontaneous play with her friends and their educator, Tara watches carefully for the geometric shape that makes a snowflake. Is it a triangle, like a pizza? Is it a rhombus, like a kite? How many sides does a snowflake have, anyway?

As Tara and her friends play, they learn to make many geometrical shapes and what to call them. But will Tara ever be able to make her own snowflake?

Kindergarten-aged children love snow, playing and exploring, and sharing their experiences. This book demonstrates and encourages both adults and children how to develop children's:

• Social skills

• Emotional skills

• Communication skills

• Cognition skills


• Physical skills

"Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through a child’s eyes? Author A.B Shyama takes you on an exciting learning adventure that shares a curious child’s perspective, as they discover the wonderful world of winter and snow! Young readers will relate to the character’s excitement when they see snow for the first time, and readers will empathize with the character’s struggle of getting dressed in their snow pants and mittens so they can get outside to play! A.B. Shyama's natural talent for introducing new learning concepts for young readers is admirable. Readers of all ages will see that there is more to snowflakes than meets the eye!"

—Lynn Baker, Registered Early Childhood Educator, and Manager in Training, Research and Development

A.B. Shyama photo

A. B. Shyama was a former teacher both in primary and middle school classes teaching science and math in Sri Lanka. She is currently working as an early childhood educator in full day kindergarten programs in Ontario, Canada. A. B. Shyama was a former script writer to SLBC Educational channel and worked as a dubbing artist for her scripts.

She has written three more books for children ages six to ten that are in school libraries in Sri Lanka. Her Sinhalese book titles are Wonderful King Kashyapa, Tales of Kuku, and Adventures of Chanu.

A. B. Shyama’s hobbies are drawing, music, gardening, walking, writing, and reading. She lives in Mississauga, Ontario with her family and her cat.


A.B. Shyama

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