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  • Remarkable Robot

    The Super-Duper Triplets by

    Lacy, Lexy, and Lucy are the Super-Duper Triplets! These sisters can magically jump into the books they read. When they explore their book about a robot named Hexa, the triplets learn that the poor robot needs help crossing a wall made of shapes. If ...

  • The Circle With A Point


    Rone is a little shape in a world full of big shapes. All the shapes around him have points but he has looked at his reflection many times and has never seen his own point. This causes Rone to wonder, Is a shape without a point pointless? As Rone ...

  • I Love Snowflakes


    What if your children never give up until they reach their goals? Tara is so excited to see snow for the first time. She wants to make her own snowflake. But what shape is a snowflake? During her natural, self-directed, and spontaneous play with ...