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memoir, cabin life, nature, grief, dementia, strong women, Canadian Shield

One Summer at the Cabin
by Merrilee Needham

What do you do when you are "a little tattered, a little worn around the edges?" Forty years of marriage, caregiver for the last few–dementia is a cruel disease– and when your husband dies and there is big hole in your life what do you do? You pack up and go to an old log cabin sitting on a cliff in the middle of nowhere. As you have done all your life. Except now you are alone. In the middle of the Canadian Shield. In the silence of the surrounding bush the days of summer are journaled. There are expected challenges and a few unexpected surprises. Told with an awareness of the absurd and an eye to the funny the healing process progresses. Just for the hell of it a few stories and poems are thrown in. It's all about remembering what was, accepting what is, and rediscovering the beauty [and fragility] of our wilderness.

The kids said write about the cabin before you die. Time was getting short so I figured I better hurry up and do it. Except it took off in another direction all together. Oops.


Merrilee Needham

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