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Pandemic, Religious reflections, COVID-19, Vancouver BC, Personal opinions, Christianity, Current events

Thoughts During Pandemic 2020
by Nicholas Fung

Thoughts during a Pandemic is a well-written and insightful journal based on author Nicholas Fung's personal thoughts during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The journal provides deep insight into the economic and social events of our times. It also provides guidance and teachings based on biblical passages from King James’ bible to help readers remember their faith while connecting scriptures to world events. Although It focuses on a Christian perspective of the world’s current events, it is oriented towards generations of Christian Millennials and generation Z to provide a reflective connection during these difficult times.

Born in 1942 in British North Borneo (Sabah Malaysia) and now residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Nicholas Fung was trained as a Barrister-at-Law at The Honourable Society of The Inner Temple. He was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1966. Eventually returned to Sabah; he served as the State Attorney-General and was founder and president of The Council of The Justices of The Peace and a founding member of The Sabah Golf and Country Club. Appointed by the Central Bank of Malaysia, he was tasked with restructuring the bank (which has since merged with Alliance Bank Malaysia). From this position, he ultimately retired.

That is when his journey truly began. Searching for a spiritual path, he started making pilgrimages, traveling the world, while discovering himself- and an undertaking with no exact destination but of inestimable value. However, with the lockdown coming after the arrival of Covid-19 and self-isolation, he used the “monastic regime” to read, reflect and meditate. This book contains many of his “thoughts” during pandemic 2020, illustrated with photographs taken on his journey worldwide.


Nicholas Fung
May Fung

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