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  • Service, The Path To Justice


    Service, the Path to Justice is a timely antidote to cynicism and despair in a world of growing inequality and injustice. The authors argue that serving others is the basis for human survival because only through service to others will injustice be ...

  • Untangling Tangleville

    Stepping Out! Just as Any Town Can by

    In our modern age, Christianity and secularism have increasingly become estranged. As Christian denominations individually attempt to promote the survival of moral and ethical standards of the past, it seems David is facing the giant Goliath . . . ...

  • These Beautiful People

    Real Stories. Relentless Hope by

    “Africa’s real beauty—her greatest treasure—is her people.” — Twila Stories are powerful. Stories tear down walls that keep us from each other. Stories set us free from the prisons we live in by suffering in silence. *** These Beautiful People ...

  • Thoughtful Adaptations to Change

    Authentic Christian Faith in Postmodern Times by

    Western culture has changed radically in the last fifty years. Death seems less dreadful, sexuality less sacred, and humanity less dignified. Reason has yielded to passion, and science often to political bias. Philosophically and culturally, the ...

  • The Lunch Bucket


    A prophetic call to repentance, The Lunch Bucket is about a deeply troubled and socially alienated family who struggle to make ends meet with little success until a respected member of the community intervenes to offer support. The result of an ...

  • Refuel

    Strengthen Your Soul, Energize Your Mission by

    Are you running on empty? God does not want you to live that way and he has made every provision for you to be replenished physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually! REFUEL helps you to identify and protect yourself against draining ...

  • Christianity, Atheism, Islam and the Need for Real Evangelical Leadership


    2016 will go down in history as a watershed political year and evangelicals--the largest identifiable voting bloc--were central to the many shocking attitudes and behaviors observed. D.A. Wonneberg, Ph.D. provides needed insight into how ...

  • Pay it Forward

    A Mom's Journey through Healing and Recovery by

    Anna Clado has endured a lot of blackness in her life. This Vancouver-based single mom was abused by a family member, betrayed by a husband, and devastated by the mental tyranny of a string of bad decisions. But she’s not complaining. Indeed, Clado ...

  • Love Rehab


    In LOVE Rehab, S. Miriam Clifford pioneers a revolutionary approach to love, sex and God, drawing from Ancient Wisdom. Using her experiences coaching individuals and couples, the author breaks down sexual taboos openly, discusses the meanings of ...