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  • An Outlaw Named Jesus

    Offensively Blasphemous Poetry by

    This thought-provoking collection takes aim at the dark, irrational, immoral, and dangerous elements of religion; Televangelists preying on elderly victims, extant misogyny and witch-burning practices, racism, slavery and violence defended in holy ...

  • Revolutionary Pacifism

    Poems 2015-2019 by

    A debut collection of powerful, intelligent poems that takes on themes such as death, ageism, mental health, Buddhism, self-perception, and politics. A young, educated, candid, and self-aware poet, Brendon Shipston uses his voice to help spark the ...

  • Real House Lives

    Former Members of Parliament on How to Reclaim Democratic Leadership by

    “We’re not just in a sort of post-truth politics, but we’re in a post-democratic politics.” – Former Member of Parliament Democracy’s future has become uncertain. Politicians are viewed with deep cynicism. Political parties have lost touch with ...

  • The Trumping of America

    A Wake Up Call to the Free World by

    Trump alone is not to blame… How does it reflect on North American societal values when wealth trumps humanity, selfish individualism trumps compassion, the need to be entertained and to win trumps the truth, and racism and misogyny are rewarded ...

  • Cobblestones

    A Personal and Political Journey by

    Dirk de Vos’s journey, which has taken him across continents, within dynamic cultures, and into direct experience within divergent ideologies, originated in the land of apartheid, South Africa, and ended in the far north of another continent. ...

  • India: Future Tense


    Whether you are new to things Indian or have particular interests in India, this book is your decoding manual for the most complex country on earth. India: Future Tense is about forces shaping today’s India and the opportunities Indians have to ...