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Manhattan, Humour, Romance, Chicklit, Personal growth, New York, Self-discovery

The Manhattan Mishap
by Melina Maria Morry

Margot Moss, a gregarious and witty woman, lives her life with abandon. She knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to pounce after it with full-throttle ferocity. Although, she can’t quite seem to get it right.

When a coveted promotion falls through, Margot finds herself struggling to actualize her dreams and is forced to reconsider her so-called fabulous future. However, when one catwalk ends, another begins. A job in New York City comes knocking and Margot doesn’t hesitate to seize the opportunity, setting out on a wild adventure towards love, success, and self-discovery.

Unfortunately, nothing is how she imagined it—not the company, the city, or the people. Awaiting Margot is a drama-addicted boss who may or may not be out to get her, and a whirlwind of wealthy men, scams, and scandals. Caught in a cotton candy cloud of sparkling rosé, Margot determinedly navigates her (many) dilemmas with the help of her saucy friends and a healthy dose of buzz-worthy gossip.

Yet, as if that weren’t enough, Margot’s life is made even more complicated when a steamy new beau enters the picture—and even he isn’t what he seems.

Overflowing with fashion and champagne bubbles, The Manhattan Mishap is a hilarious, stylish, and heartfelt novel that oozes confidence and reminds us that leopards never truly change their spots.

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Melina Maria Morry is a full-time writer and editor. She does her most scandalous writing in top-to-toe vintage, with a crystal coupe of champagne and an early 2000s playlist. After living and studying in Sydney, Melina currently resides in Toronto with a closet full of animal prints, sky-high stacks of fashion magazines, and a jungle of houseplants. The Manhattan Mishap is her début novel. To learn more, visit


Melina Maria Morry

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