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  • Zenobia's Business


    Dorothy and Doug of Offrampville Ontario find themselves together in Aleppo on the frontier of a new millennium and decide to join the circus. The fun eventually follows them home again... but things are as odd there as they were away.

  • ACES High


    In this riveting tale of erotic historical fiction, intrigue, action, love, romance, and sex come together to form a plot that will carry readers into the past and keep them guessing from beginning to end. In 1862, Pope Pius IX, attempts to reverse ...

  • The Secret Sign of the Lizard People


    When partners in crime-reduction Jerry “Leafy” Green and Bill “Beefy” Goodness — two of the LAPD’s most skilled homicide detectives — investigate the bizarre killing of a fashion model at the Hollywood Sign it soon becomes clear that this murder is ...

  • Dragons at the Schoolhouse Door


    Dealing with incompetent bureaucrats, a power-hungry parent, and a scheming superintendent aren’t the only hurdles facing second-year principal Steve Hepting. Fortunately, he has steadfast allies, including the academically-challenged school ...

  • Whacha Wanna Do?

    Confessions Of A Mischievous Altar Boy by

    The clock ticks down to the very last minute of the very last day of seventh grade, and though it has to be the slowest clock in the entire state of Kentucky…the bell finally rings and Scott Stiles is free. Not only is there no more school, he ...

  • Three on a Match


    In this charming homage to all the pleasures of P. G. Wodehouse, author Jill Shakley tells of Bertie Wooster, whose admiration of his favourite fictional sleuth Archie Goodwin delivers the reader to a host of colourful characters. In the story’s ...

  • Mysterious Realms

    The Dubious Adventures of Eddie and Micki by

    The naïve though rather fumbling Eddie Bear and the smart and feisty Micki MacVitie share a comfortable life in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Together they face a healthy dose of adventure, frequently resulting in dangerous situations. This ...

  • The Octopus

    64 True* Stories+ by

    THE OCTOPUS is a collection of compellingly quirky short-stories and narrative poems that offers something to satisfy every kind of taste and interest: Tales about Ouija boards, the world’s best fried chicken, time-travel, the ecstasy of a new ...

  • Everything Happens For A Reason

    ... or does everything happen just by chance? by

    Everything Happens For A Reason.....or does everything happen just by chance? is the sequel to Just By Chance....or does everything happen for a reason? At the end of Just By Chance, Finley and Gertrude Final at the It's All Down Hill From Here ...

  • Outpost 82-23-3


    Upon the discovery of a huge cavern in in northern Canada, an elderly retired engineer found that aliens had an outpost here on earth. Inside the cavern he found a remarkable snooper-computer, three flying saucers, plus other remarkable engineering ...