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amateur sleuths, romance, contemporary, mystery, crime, Vancouver, property investment

Friday Night Dinner Club
Killer Construction
by T L Hind

Jessica Hayes’s life is pretty good. She’s got her dream job, has amazing friends, and lives in the city she loves—Vancouver. Every Friday, she and her pals get together for their Friday Night Dinner Club to relax, share stories, and eat delicious food. But even though her life is great, her love life sucks, and she can’t help but wish for a little more action in her day-to-day routine.

So when she hears that a number of workers are getting seriously injured or killed on a construction site in her neighbourhood, she is determined to find out why.

After a bit of digging, she discovers the prestigious financial company she works for has invested in the project where the construction accidents are happening. Her friend is also a real estate agent for the site and has some bizarre stories to tell her, making her even more curious. Jessie enlists her dinner club friends to help her get to the bottom of the mystery. She also meets Ryan, an alluring safety inspector who works at the job site and of whom she hopes will help her in more ways than one.

But as Jessie and her gang get closer to the truth, someone else is murdered. And Jessie might just know who the killer is. . . .

"An easy, character-driven whodunit with an aspirational element."

—Kirkus Reviews

T. L. Hind was born in England but immigrated to Canada early 2012. She now lives with her husband in South Surrey on the outskirts of Vancouver. She has a daughter and a one-year-old grandson. Friday Night Dinner Club: Killer Construction is T. L. Hind’s first book and the first book in the Friday Night Dinner Club series. Munchkin, the cat in the book, was created in loving memory of her big fluffy cat, Munchkin, who died a year ago.


T L Hind

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