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Coming of age, Princes, Epic fantasy, Gritty fantasy, Regicide, Elves, Prophecy

Rise of the Lost
Fall of Kings
by Riely O'Sullivan

For hundreds of years, humankind has resided in the land of Ederia, where political tensions and hostility are on the rise as Cassius Helladawn, the future king, wastes his days away by drinking and ignoring his royal expectancies. His brother, Vidicus, is far more capable of being king and secretly loathes Cassius. Faraway, to the east, lies Medearia, an ancient and forgotten land, filled with eerie races, powerful kingdoms, and a growing threat. When the signs of Medearia's existence are read, Cassius embarks on a dangerous journey to not only find the forgotten land but to discover what type of king he is capable of becoming, and what type of man he wishes to be. Cassius's destiny shall be unveiled to him, brotherhoods will be forged, and most certainly, blood will be shed. Rise of the Lost: Fall of Kings is a grim adult fantasy novel that is sure to enlighten its readers to the definitions of horror and suspense. It asks its readers to take a deeper look at themselves, to realize their potential, and to wonder how they can become more than what they already are.

Riely O'Sullivan was born in 2003 in Vancouver, Canada. As a young novelist, he looks forward to the road ahead and what his future in writing will promise. Furthermore, he is a student at the University of British Columbia where he aims to hone his writing abilities and create more exciting novels.


Riely O'Sullivan

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