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Leadership: Different & Servant-like
A Framework of Insight That Will Help You “Master” Servant-Leadership
by Bruce Ratzlaff and Verna Ratzlaff

In Matthew 20:26, Jesus made this statement: “With you (Jesus followers) it (leadership) will be different (and servant-like).”

So, is it? Is your leadership “different” in the ways intended by Jesus? Is your leadership correctly “servant-like?” Do you have the tools that help you recognize when the “master-within” (self) is misaligned with Jesus’ ideals for leading? On what basis do you self-assess these issues and know for sure? This book helps you answer these vital questions.

A step-by-step construct of thought builds new insight, clarity, and encouragement for anyone in leadership. This book is a definitive guide to help you understand and “master” Servant-leadership.

"A shaft of light on a way of being and doing in the real-world of leadership and rooted in the greatest source literature on leadership. . ." Terry C. Young, Ph D.

"From a practitioner basis, this books call for genuine Servant-leadership is the antidote for what is often delaying or destroying the mission." Jeff Anderson. Ph D.

"With the practical and personal applications that is motivation and encouraging, this is a book to include in your library." Dr. Henry Schorr.

"Great discernment about what separates servant leaders from others." Dr. Kevin Schular.

"I could not put it down, and very much enjoyed this book. It was food for my soul." Alex Lerch, Business Executive.

"It was an absolute pleasure reading this book. It's so applicable to everyone." Kyla Stock. Consultant, Writer, Editor.

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The authors enjoy sharing their real-world leadership learnings through practical guidance for those seeking to lead more effectively. Their leader development work spans Canada and abroad.


Bruce Ratzlaff
Verna Ratzlaff

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