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  • The 2 Faces of Leadership

    Merging the Best of Both Leadership Styles by

    Tracy’s latest book The 2 Faces of Leadership - Merging the Best of Both Leadership Styles is a must read for any leader that is looking to improve his or her team’s outcomes. Tracy believes that there is only two reasons why a team does not ...

  • Through the Storm

    How to Lead When Things Go Bad by

    Designed to equip leaders, supervisors, and managers in understanding and supporting those experiencing a personal crisis, Through the Storm offers invaluable and pragmatic leadership advice. Providing a practical guide to understanding trauma and ...

  • Leadership, Management, Administratorship


    Aybars Oztuna addresses the personal characteristics essential to successful leadership, management and administration. He talks about how to develop leadership skills, perspectives on leading and managing, how to become a good leader and delves ...

  • Enacting Alberta School Leaders' Professional Practice Competencies

    A Toolkit by

    This book captures the lived experiences of school principals engaged in meeting the standards of practice inherent in the Professional Practice Competencies for School Leaders in Alberta. These principals tell their own stories of how they meet the ...

  • Building Better Public Services

    A Guide for Practitioners by

    for decades, public service organizations have been under constant and growing pressure from citizens and stakeholders to provide more integrated, effective and accountable programs and services. Governments are beginning to acknowledge that they ...

  • The Soul of Place

    Re-imagining Leadership Through Nature, Art and Community by

    In The Soul of Place Michael Jones explores how our relationship with place aligns us with the underlying patterns of life. He does so through stories that ask: what is our experience of homecoming and how do we find our way there? What is our ...

  • Real Leadership Real Change

    Moving beyond research and rhetoric to create a new future for public education by

    Real Leadership Real Change is a call to action on behalf of young people everywhere. In spite of the pace of change in our lives, little has changed in the way we educate our children. It is time to redefine the purpose of public education and take ...