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    • Leisure and Spirituality,
    • Spirituality of Travel,
    • Finding God in travels,
    • Ministry to Tourism

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Pilgrim Journeys
A Post-Vatican II Ministry of Discovering the Sacred with Parish and Travel Pilgrims
by Ralph Leo Kleiter

Ralph Leo Kleiter, priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon, Canada shares the unique story of one who experienced the time before the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) and the following years that energized him. With the help of his daily journal, files and memory he writes candidly and highlights his “steppingstones” and “turning points”. In twelve chapters, with meticulous details, his narrative outlines his rural Saskatchewan formation and religious institutional education; the background and interesting events in all the parishes he served; and his global experiences and outreach through a Ministry to Tourism he established. In several sections, the reader will be able to really feel the author’s presence within the narrative. The most compelling and intriguing aspects of the author’s story are: •The “behind-the-scenes” accounts within church ministry, from the pre-Vatican II schooling to his faith-related struggles within the structures of the church. Some readers can attain a deeper appreciation of their role in the church and the author hopes that his story might serve as a teaching vehicle for clergy and laity. •His approaches in parish and health-care ministries, as well as his visionary personal charism in developing a “Spirituality in Travel” and a “Ministry to Tourism”. Most evident, is his belief that the sacred is all around, making our leisure time matter in a spiritual way. The reader will be especially impressed in a final chapter presenting the richness of his travels and how life-changing they were because of his organization and determination. Fr. Kleiter has written a voluminous Memoir, enhanced with over one-hundred and twenty colour photographs in a pleasing volume of classic design. The work is a worthwhile read, because it describes a priest with a mission during the challenging years of reading the “signs of the times”. By understanding the past, we can move into the future.

“Fr. Kleiter’s candid and insightful Memoir deserves reading. He clearly offers a Vatican II vision to all his pastoral work, which is still valid for today. His personal charism for a “Spirituality in Travel” and a “Ministry to Tourism” will be of inestimable value when the pandemic subsides and we will be thirsting for travel. The Holy Spirit is at work in his heart and will be in yours too on reading his personal testimony.” — Rev. Michael Prieur STD, Professor Emeritus, St. Peter’s Seminary, University Western Ontario, Londo

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Ralph Leo Kleiter born in Cudworth in the Western Canadian province was of Saskatchewan. In 1963 he was ordained for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon. Since his ordination, he has served as pastor in both rural and urban parishes. Over the course of fifty years, he has designed and directed many “Pilgrim Journeys” and served as the Cruise Priest on at least seventy cruises to the five continents of the world. In all his ministries with parish and travel pilgrims, his focus remained on the major shifts in the church since the Second Vatican Council of 1962–1965, especially with regard to liturgical renewal and the role of the laity. In his retirement, besides travel, he continues to offer pastoral assistance in his home diocese.


Ralph Leo Kleiter

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