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Rebel Dove Poems
Poet passenger pigeons taken over the Way of Horus notify their messages along the pharaonic line
by Sylvia Horricks

Rebel doves in kite formation num’rous fly.

Above Horus Way line, Thoth’s envoys darken lunar tides.

A flock of passenger pigeons transformed military messages into poems on what they saw between watchtowers on the Way of Horus and Tanis. Over the course of lunar cycles, doves report on the everyday magic and seasonal sadness and chaos of Ancient Egypt from a bird’s eye view. Sylvia flew the kite of their formation and directed it in response to the shock of revolution. These are poems composed and transported along ancient Egypt’s communication line by rebel doves.

Sylvia Horricks is a poet who seeks to identify aspects of ancient Egyptian cultural imagery and make them accessible to the contemporary imagination.


Sylvia Horricks

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