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  • Moments in the Chimes of Time


    Moments in the Chimes of Time encompasses a wide range of experiences. Both autographic and vicarious—not all to be taken literally. With the inclusion of an autobiographical essay, which can be taken literally, the messages comprising this book ...

  • Stone by Stone


    Late in his life, Carl Jung began to build a castle on the shores of Lake Zurich. Into the stones of the castle’s walls he carved symbols, images, and words significant to his own inner journey. When the first tower was complete, he spent long ...

  • On the Road to Delight

    Poems and Short Stories by

    Life has had it's ups and downs. The last twenty years or more have been in control of an eighteen wheel transport truck. This is my poetic interpretation of the the happenings at work and home. Being alone most of the time, lets the mind wander. ...

  • Murmurings


    Living was not lost on us for the island’s millennia spoke, its nooks and crags murmuring … There are stories being whispered around us, if we but listen. Murmurings is a collection of poetry that draws upon the experiences of a lifetime spent ...

  • My Odyssey

    Journal and reflections of a 12 year Journey by

    Traversing the world, Cynthia’s travels have taken her to many places she never expected. She found her way back to the USA in 2000 after a 12 year journey. Her heart never forgets her past journeys and would love to share them with you. Elateh!

  • Another Self


    Best known as a political sociologist and public intellectual, Trevor W. Harrison in this collection of poems reveals, as the title suggests, another self. The poems, most never before published, were written over several decades. Both personal and ...

  • A Community of Old Bones


    A COMMUNITY OF OLD BONES is a delightful and thought-provoking collection of poems that will leave readers reflecting about the nature of aging - both its negative and positive aspects. The contemplative content of P. R. Hernon's poems is ...