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  • Rebel Dove Poems

    Poet passenger pigeons taken over the Way of Horus notify their messages along the pharaonic line by

    Rebel doves in kite formation num’rous fly. Above Horus Way line, Thoth’s envoys darken lunar tides. A flock of passenger pigeons transformed military messages into poems on what they saw between watchtowers on the Way of Horus and Tanis. Over the ...

  • Murmurings


    Living was not lost on us for the island’s millennia spoke, its nooks and crags murmuring… There are stories being whispered around us, if we but listen. Murmurings is a collection of poetry that draws upon the experiences of a lifetime spent ...

  • My Odyssey

    Journal and reflections of a 12 year Journey by

    Traversing the world, Cynthia’s travels have taken her to many places she never expected. She found her way back to the USA in 2000 after a 12 year journey. Her heart never forgets her past journeys and would love to share them with you. Elateh!

  • Stillness And Echoes


    Finality... ... It is the last dip that gets all toes wet, though throats stay parched long after the shadows fade. And if by some odd chance you look down upon memory and it remembers starlit nights under your watchful eye, perhaps fate may weave a ...