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Ollie & Morus Kickback with MAC, In Moose Jaw! cover

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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Morus Moose, Ollie Otter, Big Mac in Moose Jaw, Including Friends Story, Acceptance Story, Humorous Animal Story, Rhyming Animal Story

Ollie & Morus Kickback with MAC, In Moose Jaw!
Cold-a-da Is Loony for MAC & Morus Moose!
by Rayla Hen

Morus has pizazz & Ollie a cute snoot.

The 3 Hens are wee comediennes & a hoot.

JTSnail enjoys a trail & the noise of a toot.

On route to Canada’s wild side, they scoot

into Moose Jaw & tada MAC, a real beaut!

A NEW Yahoo, A Statue redo, a switcheroo.

Morus will thrill & wow with his HOW to!

Antlers away, it's the BEST forest play,

spotlighting, the exciting MAC, on the 1A.

(Coldada’s Highway!)

Rayla is witty & not itty bitty.

Jayla loves the nitty-gritty.

Payla is the old bitty!

About the plot,

they thought a lot

& then ALL forgot!


Rayla Hen
Jayla Chicken

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