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Autobiography, Trilogy, Spiritual world, Spirit guide, Son, Marriage, Military

Subtle Whispers
To a Self-Discovering Young Adult
by Laura James

Being able to connect with and hear from the spiritual world as a young child helped Laurie to endure an abusive childhood, but even this special connection cannot protect her from the pain of her husband leaving her for her stepmother. Left financially and emotionally devastated, Laurie joins the military in order to provide for her young son and begins an incredible journey though the challenges of being a single parent, several relationships and another marriage, a sexual addiction, and military career in a largely male-dominated field. Through it all, Laurie continues to receive messages from her Spirit Guide, which she sometimes embraces and other times turns away from at her own peril.

In this second book of her memoirs that follow her life from age 20 to 40, Laurie shares the twists and turns of her complicated life and the spiritual journey that serves as the framework for her path. Told in a no-holds-barred fashion with humor, grace, and insight, her story is one that will help others to re-examine their own lives as part of a greater blueprint and an evolution of their soul.

"Laurie’s anger and aggressive behavior is rooted in pain, but without pain, the soul is not capable of transforming. With pain comes the necessity to get on with the challenge of self-change."

—Spiritual Beings on a Human Experience

Subtle Whispers to A Young Adult is the second book to be published in the Subtle Whispers trilogy that follows Laurie’s personal life story and spiritual journey. She shares her incredible story to help readers understand the balance of life, encourage them to realize times of perfection filled with love, peace, and joy, and find the strength to survive the heartbreaking, stomach-churning blows that feel impossible to recover from.

She is currently writing Subtle Whispers to A Mature Adult.


Laura James

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