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Biographical History, Family Relationships, Peace River area Alberta, British Columbia History, Family History Genealogy, Pioneer Family Life, Historical Memoir

Dad Wore a Fedora and Sleeve Garters
A Life Well Lived
by Salli Pustanyk Rice

How do you begin to tell the story of someone’s life when you feel you barely knew them? Is it possible to gather the biographical information about someone who has been gone for thirty years—even if that person was your own father?

Dad Wore a Fedora and Sleeve Garters—A Life Well Lived is an exploration into the life and times of Andy Pustanyk, one who grew up and lived out his life in the Alberta and British Columbia areas of the Peace River country in the early- to mid-1900s. Beginning with the emigration of Andy's parents from the Ukraine and the establishment of their life on the Alberta side of the Peace River country, the pages herein include stories of five generations in addition to three of Andy's uncles and others whose stories intersect Andy’s.

Being born in an area that was newly opened up to homesteaders, this book shows Andy's progression from a one-room schoolhouse to farming with horses and eventually mechanized farm equipment. It also highlights sawmills in the early days and the eventual demise of both small sawmills and small farms. Dad Wore a Fedora and Sleeve Garters—A Life Well Lived goes beyond the stories of one man’s life to explore the adventures and demises of homesteaders and opportunities for immigrants in the mid-1900s. This fascinating work will inspire anyone wanting to explore family history and genealogy and who might want to tell their own family member's story and share it with others.

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Salli Pustanyk Rice is under no illusions that her least-liked subject in school was English class. Despite this aversion, Ms. Rice has always loved to read and appreciates a story well told. Dad Wore a Fedora and Sleeve Garters—A Life Well Lived stands in defiance with all those who love a good story but would do anything to cut high school English class. Ms. Rice has created a thoroughly enjoyable account of her father's life. And if, by some unimaginable accident, this book becomes mandatory reading for high school English, please know there is no hidden meaning within its pages.

Salli Pustanyk Rice, like many, lives in Hope, BC with her husband.


Salli Pustanyk Rice

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