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Mother Earth, Earth energies, Astral energies, Spiritual awakening, Meditation, Self-awareness, Spiritual healing

The Teachings of Mother Earth
A Guide to Healing and Spiritual Growth
by Monica Dumont

We all have a purpose. The teachings in this book can help you find it. Healer and author, Monica Dumont, travelled to the deserts of Arizona at the urging of her ascended guides to channel the energies and wisdom of Mother Earth. Delving into the reflections gained from Monica’s journey, Mother Earth gifts us with peacefulness, clarity, and love.

The Teachings of Mother Earth implores us to reach within our metaphysical world to find our truths. With gentle teachings and step-by-step instructions, each chapter guides us to another level of mindfulness, helping us reach into our consciousness to reconnect us to our true selves and our purpose.

The Teachings of Mother Earth is a wonderful and insightful read that is for both beginner and advanced spiritual beings who wish to continue their journey towards enlightenment.

"The earth has music for those who listen"


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Monica Dumont is an internationally known channeller, multidimensional healer, regression therapist, and award-winning author. As part of the soul lineage of the Elohim Orion, she works with the Ascended Masters, Mother Earth, Archangels, and other Divine Beings to assist in the ascension and healing of humanity and the Earth.


Monica Dumont

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