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  • The Teachings of Mother Earth

    A Guide to Healing and Spiritual Growth by

    We all have a purpose. The teachings in this book can help you find it. Healer and author, Monica Dumont, travelled to the deserts of Arizona at the urging of her ascended guides to channel the energies and wisdom of Mother Earth. Delving into the ...

  • Earth Journey

    A Guide to Living with the Seasons by

    In this crazy world, we are operating at high intensity; busy schedules, family responsibilities, traffic, eating on the go. We are quickly losing our connection to the earth and her natural cycles. It is very easy to get lost in urban realities. ...

  • Taming My Animus

    A Poemography by

    This book of poetry and photography describes a woman’s fictional journey of psychological maturation, of getting to know, tame and integrate her Inner Man or Animus into her conscious self. The archetype of Animus is the totality of the ...