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Messy Hair, Brushing your hair, Hair care, Kids and hair, Children and hair, Tangled hair, Kids and messy hair

Liddy Lou's Summer of Wild Hair!
by Bonnie D Paulsen

Liddy Lou’s Summer of Wild Hair! is a sweet story about a fierce little girl named Liddy Lou who hates to have her wild, curly, and unruly hair combed. One June day, she declares her independence, stating that she and her hair are going on summer vacation and that she isn’t going to groom her hair for the whole summer. Her family is concerned, but Liddy Lou is adamant about not combing or washing her hair, a practice that leads to all manner of things getting caught in her hair, some of them fantastic!

But then September rolls around and school starts again and the fierce and independent Liddy Lou is faced with a decision.

BONNIE D. PAULSEN has had a love of reading since she was very small. She read to herself and to her children. She also participated in story hour at her local library, enjoying particularly the books that made children laugh.

Paulsen has a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) in trans-cultural nursing, and has spent most of her career in public or community health nursing. She lives with her husband, Jim, in Maple Grove, Minnesota. She has two married sons and five grandchildren.


Bonnie D Paulsen
Paul Schultz

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