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Enough Pieces of Crazy to Go Around cover

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    • 978-1-03-911178-3
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  • Keywords
    • memoir,
    • mental health,
    • trauma,
    • abuse,
    • Dissociative identity disorder,
    • self harm,
    • multiple personality disorder

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Enough Pieces of Crazy to Go Around
by Melanie Mills

Enough Pieces of Crazy to Go Around takes the reader on a journey through the life experiences of Melanie Mills as she struggles to identify and heal her trauma by navigating a system that dehumanizes and dismisses her at every turn. Unwinding the seemingly endless spiral down to memories long buried and bringing them to the light of day. Laying bare these horrors to a system more concerned with qualifying its own existence than providing real support, the reader sees how our culture bends to invent realities more suitable for appearance than effectiveness. Those who have experienced the dehumanizing effects of medical institutions – or who know someone who has – will appreciate Mills’ candor and honesty – with a bit of humour – as she documents the various barriers she faced to find treatment and community supports. With a narrative that brings the reader into the mind of someone experiencing Dissociative Identity Disorder, Mills’ self-awareness and knowledge of social systems offers incredible insight that is a must for anyone working or studying in social work, community development or medical fields. One part autobiographical and one part social analysis, Enough Pieces of Crazy provides a necessary and timely critique of a broken system and offers insight to possibilities for improving social supports for people facing mental health disorders. It is an opportunity for each of us to look inside our lives and our minds to see how we balance what is real and what is fantasy. Who we are and who we want to be. “Trauma is trauma, it’s nasty, and it fucks up our lives. But I have learned a great deal and understand more about my life. It is that package I want to share. The trauma I dealt with in therapy.”

Melanie Mills is a community wellness advocate, a grass-roots organizer, and a multimedia artist. Her work and passion centre on issues of community access, from basic needs like food security, health care, and transportation to providing safe, supportive spaces for conversation and coming together. Melanie is an especially outspoken champion for the rights and wellness of women, families, the disabled, and all survivors of traumatic experiences and abuse. She is the founder of Plan B, a nonprofit organization in the Lanark Highlands, where she has lived for 27 years.


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