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Women’s Memoir, Memoir of Faith, Women’s Issues, Stories of Faith, Inspirational Memoir, Women’s Strength, Faith Courage Story

Lost But Never Alone
by MaryAnn Westgard

This is a true story of the life of MaryAnn Westgard in her own words and as she lived it. It is a story of how alcoholism can destroy a family and cause consequences that last a lifetime.

It is a story filled with love, adventure, mystery, intrigue and betrayal.A story of ups and downs and lessons learnt.

A story of finally coming to terms with who I am and why I am here. Of realizing that I was here for a reason and that God had my back. Through thick and thin He was there, even when I ran from Him, He never let me go. How I finally found peace.

I hope that others can benefit from hearing my story and that they will be blessed by it. Realizing that one must never give up, no matter how bad things look, the storm will pass and the sun will shine again.

The author was born and raised in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. When sharing parts of her life, she had often been told by friends and family that she should write a book about her life as it was a very extraordinary life. Under normal conditions that probably would have never happened, but when the Covid 19 Pandemic hit, everything changed. Her life slowed down to a standstill, and she thought, it's now or never. She put everything she had into writing this her very first book "LOST BUT NEVER ALONE" in the hopes that others would benefit from hearing about her experiences and how she found peace and fulfillment through it all.


MaryAnn Westgard

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