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Autobiographical poetry, Anger issues, Taking responsibility, Troubled relationships, Ending relationships, Maturing, Personal development

There Is Light In Me Too
by Carol-Anne Boisvert

There Is Light In Me Too is like an open heart surgery, brought on by heartaches. Fuelled by anger, these poems are about shifting.

This poetry collection is evocative of discomfort, pain and growth coming from a painful year. The narrator doesn't hold back - tears, blood - and no one is spared. After living/surviving through chaos, it is time to make space for a new sense of home. And the calm after the storm isn't so frightening after all.

This book will interest any reader with plenty of emotional intelligence and life experiences. It's best to read in a seated position, theses pages spit fire!

Carol-Anne Boisvert is a self-published poet and a documentation technician at University of Sherbrooke. Her poetry is often described at intense and she doesn't shy away from vulnerability.


Carol-Anne Boisvert

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