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You Want My Repeat Business?
Success Alignment
by Gerry Shortill

So many small businesses fail without the owners understanding the true root causes of why, and believe that if they had more money, they could have prevailed. Was it the Location? Timing? The economy? Staffing? Customer service? All the above and more? Anyone can walk into any brick-and-mortar business and form an opinion on how the business is already failing. There are answers to why this happens, and I’ll focus on how small business owners can strengthen their foundations to remove the small business killing practices and procedures and essentially stop the epidemic of small business closure. You Want My Repeat Business? is a practical guide on the foundations of business operations and management. With business schools reinforcing that the issue hasn’t gone away, or even changed over the past 35 years, author Gerry Shortill with his experiences and successes, knows what it takes for businesses to succeed and, more importantly, how to prevent the majority from closing their doors. Often focusing with too much emphasis in the wrong areas or a singular focus on one area such as sales, or just caught up in drama, owners and management too often overlook the basics. Whether it’s a lack of focus on hiring and managing personnel or forgetting about serving customers, Shortill explains why it is more than finding the right people and how to maximize each staff member’s potential. Shortill also illustrates that it is how you manage the business from within and by simplifying the customer experience that customers will return, and sales will increase exponentially. You Want My Repeat Business? gives alternate perspective to the systemic problems and breaks the problems down into manageable parts. Enabling small business owners and management the insight on how to be successful from within by finding optimal solutions, standards, and plans of execution. This handbook offers clear instructions and helpful anecdotes for business owners and managers to learn from the mistakes of others and find their / your success.

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Gerry Shortill has been described as formidable in dealing with, and resolving systemic issues and problems that plague business with his foundational training, interest and understanding of process, efficiency, and management. For the past many years, Shortill’s focus has been on Information Technologies, however he has not lost his passion for small business and their plight to succeed. Shortill loves to delve into how things work with an engineering mindset; find out why they work (or don’t) and find solutions that best fit the circumstances. Besides being a backyard mechanic doing his own automotive and small engine repairs, plumbing and electrical, HVAC, roof replacement and so much more, Shortill is passionate about helping small businesses thrive and hopes You Want My Repeat Business? will guide business owners and managers on their paths to success. Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, he lives there with his wife on a humble oasis of twenty acres with their adopted cat Jedi. This is his first book.


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