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  • Image is Everything

    Science Based Strategies for Success They Don't Teach You In School by

    We live and work in a competitive world. Who gets the job? The promotion? What companies will survive and which ones won’t? There are limited opportunities and resources so we are forced to compete. We know we have to rise above and differentiate ...

  • Job Hunting. NOW What?

    Keeping It Real in the Modern Career Search by

    Learn the secrets of success in job hunting from Lisa A. Holmes, a human resources expert with more than thirty years’ experience. Her “soup-to-nuts” guide will help you hone your hunting skills, land and keep your desired job in an ever-changing ...

  • Mastering the Power of your Emotions 2nd Ed

    How to control what happens in you irrespective of what happens to you by

    Mastering the Power of Your Emotions has a simple but undeniable premise: Emotions are at the centre of everything we do. If you can control your emotions, you can control your life. But as straightforward as this sounds, most people are not the ...

  • Why is it that my kite won’t fly?

    The Power of Strategic Project Management by

    Project Management is, in many ways, like flying a kite. How do you design and construct it so that it’s lifted high and strong by the wind? What do you do when it gets snagged in a tree, lands on the roof of a house, or is tangled on electrical ...

  • The Power Advantage

    A Win-Twice Formula to Reach Personal and Professional Potential by

    The POWER Advantage Passion. Ownership. Wellness. Excellence. Relationships. In The POWER Advantage, Dr. Joe Currier demonstrates that when leaders overturn stale, outdated, top-down business management conventions and instead pursue four ...

  • Grab The Wheel & Go!

    Planning Your Journey Through Life by

    In Grab the Wheel and Go Herb Singer, who launched Discount Car & Truck Rentals and built it into the country’s largest independent car and truck rental operation, shares his life story, business smarts, and wisdom. Herb’s innovative business ...

  • Winning the One Man (or Woman) Show

    Owning a Jobness and retiring early! by

    Countless numbers of people dive into the world of self-employment only to discover that they own a job. A few of these brave (or crazy) people grasp the concept of working for retirement, maximizing the best clients and delivering above average ...

  • The Bench

    An American Story by

    As much as The Bench is the story of an American man and his colorful journey through an evolving life, it is also a story of America and its colorful imprint on a man. Steve Mallory is a guy who’s had to navigate a hardscrabble existence from the ...

  • Directions to Easy Street

    Living the Lifestyle You Deserve by

    Finally. A book of contemporary facts called “DIRECTIONS TO EASY STREET” that addresses your concerns about “LIVING THE LIFESTYLE YOU DESERVE” from the financial perspective. Clearly, ‘the good old days’ are behind you. There is no doubt that you ...