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  • Dirty Truths

    How to Survive as a Freelancer in the Writing Game - and other Equally Dodgy Professions by

    For those of you starting a career or considering a different one: freelancing is the current rage and may be your best option. But only maybe. Dirty Truths examines what it takes to jam your foot in the door of self-employed opportunity, force it ...

  • The Turning Point

    A Complete Guide to Strategically Set Up, Effectively Manage, and Effortlessly Take Your Business To The Next Level by

    You’re starting a new venture but can’t seem to catch any traction, or you’re in business for years but never able to get ahead. Something needs to change… Are you ready for a Turning Point? THE TURNING POINT offers practical ideas for the key ...

  • SimpLEASEity™

    Find your dream office without breaking the bank. by

    When it comes to leasing commercial real estate, the landlord is the seasoned pro and you, the typical business owner, are a rank amateur. If you’re a business owner, doctor, lawyer, dentist, mortgage lender, dance studio owner, or entrepreneur and ...

  • The Strawberry Lounge Story

    How I got over my fears, dumped my excuses and opened the business of my dreams, the Motherpreneur way by

    Don't we all have a big, scary dream? Mine was to own a coffee shop in the Caribbean! For seventeen long years I told myself I was either too young, the timing wasn't right, or the money wasn't enough. When I became a mother, starting my own ...

  • Winning the One Man (or Woman) Show

    Owning a Jobness and retiring early! by

    Countless numbers of people dive into the world of self-employment only to discover that they own a job. A few of these brave (or crazy) people grasp the concept of working for retirement, maximizing the best clients and delivering above average ...