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A Book of Christmas Stories for All Ages
by Roger W. Harrington

Fictional original Christmas stories meant to appeal to all ages.

Themes: hope and a belief in Christmas miracles.

All of the stories are original works and contain themes related to those mentioned.

Many of the stories contain moral reflections suitable for Christmas presentations.

The stories included cover many years of writing and express the author's distinct style of writing.

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The book is unique in that it compiles original Christmas stories in a type of collective appeal that has not been offered by other authors.

The author has three degrees in English literature and has a distinctive background in relating personally with some of the most celebrated modern Canadian writers such as; Irving Leyton; Margaret Attwood; Margaret Laurence; Robertson Davies; Bill Mitchell; Northrop Frye; Robert Finch; Doug Lepan; George Bowering and Henry Beissel.

He has two academic scholarships and numerous literary awards. Roger has produced three self-published novels and over one hundred each of poems and short stories.


Roger W. Harrington
Monica Vanzant

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