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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

forest animals, salmon fishing, providers, selfish behaviour, life change, caring, kindness

The Eagle and the Bear
by B. Smith

Jeff the eagle is the nuisance of the forest—he bewilders the bees, rocks the raccoons, bowls over the beavers, dive-bombs the ducks, and even wakes the wolves. Most of all, he disrupts Betty the bear while she fishes for her two hungry cubs. Betty implores Jeff to think of others, but he doesn’t care.

But when Jeff injures his wing and can’t fly, Betty cares for him and his eaglets. Will Jeff realize the Golden Rule of the forest? Will he finally learn to treat others how he wants to be treated?

The Eagle and the Bear explores the transformative power of kindness and caring within a community.

B. Smith has been a teacher for thirty years, and believes in encouraging good reading habits for children. He especially likes stories about strong morals and character-building. For his work in writing educational curriculum, he has been awarded the Hilroy Award, the Nortel Award, and the Prime Minister’s Award. The Eagle and the Bear is part of a series teaching morals and life lessons which includes his book The Beaver and the Muskrat and a third forthcoming book. He is also the author of Christmas Skits for Middle School Years. He lives in Winnipeg with his wife.

Lush and vivid illustrations by self-taught Canadian artist Joseph Koensgen ( brings this tale of a selfish eagle and a compassionate bear to life. Joseph has been painting from a young age and has a keen interest in nature and a passion for wildlife.


B. Smith
Joseph Koensgen

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