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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Cone, Point, Sides, Angles, Shapes, Self-Esteem, Identity

The Circle With A Point
by Jesse Lee Nikkel

Rone is a little shape in a world full of big shapes. All the shapes around him have points but he has looked at his reflection many times and has never seen his own point. This causes Rone to wonder, Is a shape without a point pointless? As Rone stares at his shape's reflection, a mysterious ten-pointed shape helps him discover that we are more than what we see in our reflections, and sometimes others can help us truly see ourselves.

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A carpenter by trade, Jesse Lee Nikkel lives in Manitoba with his wife, Kayla, and their beagle, Po. People often ask “Do you know what’s pointless?” before they complain about something. Jesse Nikkel always had a clever and optimistic response to that question: “A circle, A circle is pointless.” Growing up, Jesse’s sly remark was his signature. He found himself getting into trouble more often than not. While many adults reacted dramatically, some mentors talked to him as an equal as if they cared and saw him for his true self. This forever impacted Jesse. As he grew up, Jesse encountered circumstances where he wondered what his “point” was, until he found his true purpose in being a loving husband to his wife and a mentor to others. As Jesse discovered his sense of direction, he couldn’t help but recall this exchange and thought: “If I can find my point, why can’t a circle?” This inspired Jesse Lee Nikkel’s debut publication, “The Circle with a Point.” Jesse hopes this book will show children that there are people who see who they really are and care about what they become. We may not always know where we are going in life, but some people see what makes us special, and they are there to help us along the way. To his young readers, Jesse wishes to share that our lives are more than two dimensional; there is more to each one of us than what is on the surface.


Jesse Lee Nikkel
Kayla Nikkel
Hae Kwang Kim

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