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Nature, poetry, Rhyming poetry, Uplifting, New Canadiana, Heartfelt

A Poetry Gift
A Thought, a Poem, a Highway
by F. A. Pelle

A branch of life, I walk along

The limb of this tree, crooked and long

A Poetry Gift is a collection of poems about life, nature, and the human condition. It’s intended to make people smile, and bring a little bit of inspiration and happiness to all. The world has been through a lot in the last couple of years, and these poems have been written in the hope that they will touch the hearts of those who might need a comforting moment, or even just a chuckle.

Some of Pelle’s poems are about real events, while others have sprung straight from his imagination. He hopes they might heal a little bit of the reader’s heart, and encourage everyone to be friendly with their neighbors far and wide.

F. A. Pelle writes poetry as a hobby—when he isn’t playing guitar or riding his motorcycle. His work often takes him on the road, where he’s learned to cultivate his imagination and hone his craft. Writing poetry makes him feel good, and he hopes that positivity is contagious.


F. A. Pelle

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