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Mexican Mennonites, Mennonite way of life, childhood adventures, growing up in Mexico, a Mennonite boy and his family, a child’s Mexican Mennonite experience, children and families living in poverty

Laughter Growing
a Mennonite-Mexican boyhood
by Esther Penner

Hair-raising escapades ranging from the heights of a windmill to utter darkness in a deep well. Staring a deadly snake in the eye and facing the menacing eyes of a snarling wolf. Delight over a sack of oranges at Christmas and the shame of begging for food. All these adventures and experiences are part of the story of Isaac Penner, an inquisitive and spirited young Mennonite boy growing up in a village in the Manitoba Colony in Northern Mexico during the years from 1941-1952. This memoir is based entirely on the reminiscences recounted often to his family by Isaac Penner, Jr., and also by his parents and siblings.

“This type of book about Manitoba’s Mennonites is very popular in Local History sections” writes Isabel Monteith, who read and reviewed an early draft of the book. She adds “This may be the first one to focus on their Mexican experience from a child’s point of view. It will be of interest to adults, but easily read by teens or even younger children. Teachers would find it a great resource for local history and the study of immigration.”

Esther Penner is a retired Librarian living in her hometown of Winkler, Manitoba. This book is written as a tribute to her husband, Isaac Penner, Jr., 1941-2014.


Esther Penner

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