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The Gull Who Was Afraid Of Heights
by Anita Everett

Who has ever heard of a gull being afraid of heights? When Arthur was a young chick, too little to fly, he had a terrifying experience that left him afraid of heights. When he was old enough to learn to fly, he watched his sister and brother learn and practice flying about the nest and the nearby ocean. They could swoop and soar in the sky and find their own food. Arthur wanted to join them so badly, but he was just too scared to try. He stayed alone in the nest.

One day, a ferocious storm blew the tree with the nest over, and the nest began to break apart. As the nest, with Arthur in it, began to sail through the sky and toward the ground, Arthur had to make a choice. Would he go down with nest, or face his fears and fly?

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Anita Everett has written the ABC Adventure Series, a series of ten books about animals and the alphabet. She lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia.


Anita Everett
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