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Epic Fantasy, Life in the Universe, Fantasy SciFi Story, Science Fiction Fantasy, Adult Fantasy SciFi, Universal Council, Viridis

Life in the Universe
The Beginning
by Heather Taylor

In this adult science fiction novel, Life in the Universe: The Beginning, business, politics, romance, humour, and action intertwine in a dynamic, fast-paced narrative that explores current social issues and personal development.

Relate to the unique perspectives of the main characters as they manage nuanced personal interactions, their ambition (or confusion), personal histories, and self-contradiction as Earth joins the Universal Council.

At its heart the story positions humanity’s desire to be protected against personal freedom. Along the way personal and business relationships, assault, and the tension between loyalty to friends rather than family are explored.

Join us, as we get lost together in the epic adventure that is life in the universe!

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Heather Taylor has a Master of Financial Economics degree from the University of Toronto and works in the finance department of a large financial institution. Armed with her knowledge of economic concepts and personal experiences, Taylor weaves an added realism into the plot and relatable depth to her characters.

She lives in her adopted city of Toronto, Ontario and her hometown of Saint John, New Brunswick.


Heather Taylor

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