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    • Christian fiction,
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    • religious fiction,
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    • religion and spirituality,
    • evolution versus creationism

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The Lord God Said
by Fuwan Yang

This is the second book of the author, in which she further clarified her views on the world: human beings have important omissions in their understanding of the world. Some omissions, especially some intentional or unintentional neglect of other dimensions or other worlds, have caused human beings to act inappropriately, resulting in some consequences that they have great difficulties to bear. Humans’ rapid thinking about this may help them out of some predicaments. Human beings have long time confused invisible and non-existent. Being honest about the limitations of their cognitive abilities may make them more respectful to creatures in other worlds. The temporary safety of mankind may have stemmed from the tolerance of other worlds. But human beings are very anxious to use some hypotheses to force conclusions that certain worlds do not exist. They never even examined the source of their anxiety.

Fuwan Yang photo

She’s the author of Is the Emperor Dressed—Theism or Evolutionism. She still focuses on some steps of Earth’s progress, hoping that people who try to treat others with honesty, respect and tolerance live peacefully and happily.


Fuwan Yang

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