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  • Radical Love

    A World Devoid of Compassion is Dangerous For Us All by

    Margaret is a successful judge, and her family seems perfect. She loves her daughter Sheila and would give the world for her. But when Sheila decides to commit suicide rather than face the wrath of her parents (especially her mother) who claims to ...

  • Mission of the Unsung Hero


    Life was boring and predictable until the day the angel showed up. Erica James believed in angels, but she’d never met one personally. An unhappy, quiet, Christian housewife who never said no to anyone, she was shocked by the extraordinary encounter ...

  • Cynthia's Dance


    Miscarriage ended Cynthia’s life before it even had a chance to begin. Growing up in Heaven, Cynthia dreams about what life would have been like for her on Earth and to know her parents. In a benevolent move, her heavenly Father grants her wish, ...

  • The Tangleville Chronicles

    Does Father Know Best? by

    Rev. Canon Dr. Barclay Steadmore can’t help but put pen to paper in retirement. His new job with the Tangleville Mirror allows him to stir up controversy by posing thought-provoking theological questions to secular and religious audiences in his new ...