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Saturn expedition, alien contact, space exploration, space travel, mysteries, conspiracy theories, science fiction

Universe's Edge
Saturn Expedition
by U. E. Warden

The Saturn Expedition left a massive rift and moon dust in its wake. The Voth Moon rings are named after the valiant Captain of the UEV (Unified Earth Vessel) Petra Gowanofski. Captain Courtney Viola Voth kept her spacecraft from slamming into the moon as her crew fought off unknown assailants trying to take over the ship. The U.E.V. Petra Gowanofski scraped by the moon's surface with barely a few meters to spare! With every available thruster at full blast, the ship gouged out a rift kilometers long. The gouge made by the spacecraft across the moon’s face can be seen clearly from Earth. After the Saturn Expedition ended, it was officially named Petra's Rift.

They, say this is how it happened.

They told me I have to be an exclusive reclusive.

So that is what I shall be, a recluse on the loose.


U. E. Warden

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