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  • Renegade


    “My name is Jensen Galantis. I’m probably the worst person to tell a life story, mostly because only at the very end of a story do I see the light in it all.” Welcome to the world of the untold future, where the most dangerous job is given to the ...

  • Intersections

    Chance, Fate and Destiny by

    Set in the latter half of the 21st century, the book chronicles the lives of a group of ordinary people from childhood to the brink of events with catastrophic effects in the offing. Enchanted by Mars as a frontier of human endeavor, the group ...

  • Green's Discovery


    Astronomer and astrophysicist Sydney Green has been interested in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) since his childhood. Brushed off and pushed aside because few believed he would ever discover extraterrestrial beings, Green is ...

  • Crimson Star


    A near-death escape. An unlikely partnership. A world ship with an advanced AI system. When Jones and Hendricks escape death in the Jovian system, they have little idea they’re going to be quite literally lost in space. Their escape pod enters an ...

  • Project Spacemine

    The Project Begins by

    What if aliens really do want the best for us and our planet? Dr. Isaac St. Clair was a NASA mission specialist — until his program was defunded, that is, and he ended up a divorced, mediocre used car salesman estranged from his family. Mark Randall ...

  • You're The One

    Book #1 - Adventure Into Truth / Book #2 - Souled Out by

    Through unique and thought-provoking plots, Michael J. Arend combines action, suspense, political intrigue, betrayal, fast-paced adventure, alien contact, and even a bit of romance in the first two books of a three-part series. Creating an ...

  • Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes

    Book 1: Hope by

    Four thousand years in the future, the Republic of Earth is at war with the oppressive Yajiran Empire. Meanwhile, on a primitive world, a half-human/half-Yajiran girl named Avala learns that her people’s beliefs are lies created by the Yajirans to ...

  • Project Spacemine

    The Project Gets Off The Ground by

    It’s New Year’s Eve, and the Six are on top of the world (and each other!) at the prospect of Project Spacemine becoming a reality against the odds. With the benevolent support of omniscient aliens, the financial backing of a billionaire, and an ...

  • The Cosmic Seeders


    John and Janet Marshall are covert operatives on a mission to meet a strange alien race from a distant galaxy. When they arrive, they find themselves between two warring armadas bent on war. Their infant son, born in space, is killed in the battle, ...