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Connected ~ Before Birth & Beyond
by Randine Mariona

Today’s parents are working harder than ever. Never have parents been asked to do so much with such little support. Parents today can feel alone and judged for not doing things right. Randine is a relatable modern parent. She gets the joys and appreciates the challenges of showing up every day to parent. Randine is not afraid to be real. She shares personal stories throughout the book that will capture your heart, make you laugh and bring a tear to your eye demonstrating how well she knows the realities of parenting today. Readers will turn the pages feeling understood, validated and appreciated for who they are and for all of their efforts. Randine demonstrates that caring for parents is caring for children. Randine unlocks what is key to parenting. She captures what decades of clinical and academic training, coupled with raising two boys, has taught her about what matters. Spoiler... the key is not about being perfect. If you are interested in optimizing your child’s development and increasing your confidence and your fulfillment as a parent - Connected ~ Before Birth and Beyond is your next read. Expect to feel energized, inspired and supported. Parents will come away with a deeper awareness and relationship with themselves and their children. What will be different after reading this book? Possibly everything...

"Randine’s manner of writing made me feel like I was having a chat with a friend in her living room: a frank and vulnerable conversation about the challenges of parenting. Her conversational and gentle tone hooked me from the start. Just as our kids tune us out when we become preachy, prescriptive parenting books can leave readers to feel shame and be closed off to new ideas. Randine cleverly presents her ideas in such an open and genuine manner that a parent of a child at any age will glean useful suggestions that will empower them and assure them that they have not messed up their children. —Dr. Tahmeena Ali, MD, CCFP, FCF A much-needed guide on creating connections. This book should be on every pregnant person’s wish list. —Jan Brandt, RN, BSN, IBCLC, Doula Canada CBE “Connected – Before Birth and Beyond” invites readers to embrace their love story with their own children. Randine masterfully weaves together research findings, clinical wisdoms, and personal stories to share relatable messages and practical insights for parents of all ages. You will feel seen and heard; your parenting journey validated, your connection with your children celebrated." —Alicia Vicic, RN, BsN, MN

Randine Mariona resides in the interior of British Columbia, Canada with her sons, Jordan and Matthew and her fiancé, Peter. Her sons provide Randine with lived experience and creative inspiration to underscore the importance cultivating and preserving connection. Peter has solidly supported her writing and speaking pursuits. He has shown Randine the powerful influence that love, integrity and partnership can have in her life. Randine is enjoying the process of building relationship with Peter’s children Jenna and Marcus. Randine’s biological and chosen family recognize her love and passion for the message of connection and are behind her on all her endeavors. She feels forever blessed having these special people in her life. Randine has worked, as a social worker, in the area of mental health and substance use for over 20 years. Randine obtained a bachelor of social work degree in 1995 and a Master’s of Arts – in Child and Youth Care in 2006 both from the University of Victoria. Randine is a registered social worker with the British Columbia College of Social Workers. Randine has worked as a parenting coach and an infant development consultant. She has taught in the social work program at Thompson Rivers University (2007 – 2011) and has been a practice lead for social work in Interior Health. Randine has created several resilience based projects for the regional health authority and has been a Trauma Informed Practice educator for the past 8 years. Randine credits Dr. Gordon Neufeld and his work for putting beautifully into words what she felt becoming a mother and in her work providing support to individuals and families. Dr. Neufeld’s developmental approach to attachment relationships and resilience has been the cornerstone of Randine’s approach to parenting and clinical practice. Randine has attended summer intensives with Dr. Neufeld and continues to stay current in the field with taking courses from his institute.


Randine Mariona

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