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Thrillers, Magic Realism, Horror, Wolves, Marriage and relationships, Sexual obsession, Dysfunctional relationships

Daisy Under the Moon
by Kyle Sharpe

When twenty-something couple Bryce and Juniper are on route to a romantic getaway, a huge, wolf-like animal darts in front of their car and causes them to crash, injuring Juniper.

A stranger claiming to be a doctor appears and offers to help, bringing them to his secluded property. While Juniper’s condition seems to mysteriously worsen day after day, Bryce becomes entranced by his host’s sensual artist wife, and intrigue leads to obsession.

As the couple’s stay drags on, the forest surrounding them begins to reveal something sinister about their hosts. The longer Bryce and Juniper stay, the more their relationship and even their lives will be threatened. But how does one break away when physically and emotionally compromised?

Kyle Sharpe has been writing stories for years and is an avid fan of the horror genre. He released an animated short film in 2019 called Astray. He was born in Twillingate, Newfoundland.

Daisy Under the Moon is his first book.


Kyle Sharpe

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