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Children’s stories, Nursery rhymes, Animals, Stories for toddlers, Juvenile poetry, Kids’ poetry, Animal stories

The Pond Orchestra and Other Poems
by Leslie Brazier Smit

What happens in the forests and fields when we are not looking?

Can a baby goat and a frog become friends?

Are the sounds you hear by the pond made by an orchestra of woodland critters?

The Pond Orchestra and Other Poems is a sweet and amusing collection of simple poems involving a cast of animal characters getting up to various shenanigans. Here adventures take place, unusual friendships happen, and we get to visit a world filled with kindness, cooperation, and humour. The Pond Orchestra is perfect reading for young children aged 4-6, especially those learning to read and others who want to share the adventures with them.

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LESLIE BRAZIER SMIT is an active grandparent and has written stories and poems for her grandsons and all the other children in her life. Her stories have been inspired by the wildlife she has the privilege to witness on a daily basis from her riverside home. The Pond Orchestra and Other Poems is her second book. Her first book, The Bookworm and other Stories is a collection of short stories for children aged 6-12.

She lives in Winnipeg with her partner, Rob.


Leslie Brazier Smit
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